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Dr. Juliann Reiland on Breast Cancer Treatments (Health Talk with Dr. Diane MD)

dr_diane_mdDr. Diane A. Thompson MD interviews Board Certified Surgeon, Dr. Juliann Reiland. Listen and learn as Dr. Juliann Reiland shares various treatment options for breast cancer and what women should consider before choosing one over the other. This audio lecture was originally published on October 20th 2014 at FMG Radio.


Money for Lunch Radio Interview with Dr. Juliann Reiland

moneyforlunchBert Martinez interviews Dr. Juliann Reiland and John Powers at Money for Lunch show.


Dr. Juliann Reiland about Oncoplasty

dr_juliann_reiland_md_facs_2_smallDr. Juliann’s short introduction to oncoplasty.


Dr. Juliann’s Videos

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Breast Conservation

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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